10 Years of Pics and Posts!

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It’s my 10th Blogiversary, y’all! I’ve been managing this blog for 10 whole years!

When I started Pics and Posts a decade ago, I had little direction. I only knew that I needed a space to share some of the beauty and light I encounter daily. The blog was intended to be and has become my online “happy place” with a semi-captive audience for my photography, art, snail mail, and the random thoughts that cross my mind.

My goal was to craft a space that was free of the emotional weight of social ills and politics. Though I have sometimes been compelled to address certain social issues, I hope we have created a space together that calms rather than riles.

And here’s more great news: Once I hit “publish,” today’s post will mark another milestone–my 1000th blog post!

1000 posts! An average of 100 posts per year. Whew! A whole lot of blogging for the person who started posting whenever the mood hit or when time allowed.

In those early days of “blogging,” sometimes two or three months would pass between posts. Gasp! That’s hard to believe now that I make a point of posting two to three times per week.

Since I was nearing my 1000th post at the beginning of the month, my friend Cy gave me permission to “bow out” of the “blog-every-day-till-my-blogiversary challenge she issued. “We” decided it would be fitting for my 1000th post to be published on my 10th blogiversary.

I was going to keep going, even though I was insanely busy and pretty exhausted most days, but I was elated for the “reprieve.”

So here we are folks! 10 years in! How long will we keep traveling this bloggy road together? Should I take the blog in another direction?  If so, which of the zillions of ideas should I pursue? Should I start over on another platform? So many questions. So many things to consider.

I’ll be mulling over these questions over the next few weeks. Until then…continue enjoying the ride with me!

One more thing: Thank YOU! I am ever grateful for your support, comments, likes, and reads!

Happy Blogiversary to Us!

23 thoughts on “10 Years of Pics and Posts!

  1. Manu says:

    Wow, Chandra, happy 10 years of blogging. I hope you continue for many more. And it seems fitting to ensure that your 1000th post coincided with your anniversary. Congrats again my friend 🎉💐

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  2. revruss1220 says:

    Happy, happy blogoversary! Know that over these 10 years and 1,000 posts you have brought light, life, beauty, and wisdom to people hungry for all of those things. Thank you for persisting… even when you didn’t feel like it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sheila Marie Delgado says:

    Bravo! Congratulations! Woo Whoo!
    I looked at my Pinterest board (Artists I admire/Chandra Lynn) to see how long I have been following you. Well, apparently the pins are not in any particular order, I could not find one older than 2020. And I know it has been longer than that. (I do go through periods of forgetting to pin.)
    You are an inspiration, and a blessing. What ever you choose to do, I will follow. 🙂 xoxo

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