We Were Designed for…

Many of us carry a world on our shoulders. We convinced ourselves that we must strive alone, that to ask for help in bearing the day-to-day struggles and everyday slights is a sign of weakness. In the mad, mad, madness of life, we forget that we are human, that we were not designed to shoulder so much weight. We were designed for community, for gathering, for singing, dancing, praying, and lifting together.

9 thoughts on “We Were Designed for…

  1. Janet from FL says:

    I do miss all that. Since Covid, I have mostly been doing church online at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship on Sundays (noon eastern, 11 central). It’s great! I can sing along and pray with them and listen to the awesome sermon. I wish I had a church like that near me.

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  2. Sheila Marie Delgado says:

    Amen! Thank you, Chandra for always lifting us here on your blog. And for being a “lifter” in The Creative Gathering this month. Your art/photos never fail to lift my spirits and bring me JOY! May you find yourself surrounded by many who lift you up! xoxo

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  3. Nancy Ruegg says:

    I think pride enters in too, wanting to be able to say we made “it” or we did “it” (whatever “it” is) by ourselves. In addition, we hate to impose on others! But you are so right, Chandra–we’re meant to live in community, helping to carry one another’s burdens with emotional and sometimes practical support.

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