Available Now! Musings from My Younger Self

Musings Available

I have been trying to find time all week to drop in and say, “I finally did it!” I finally published a collection of Musings from My Younger Self! [And the crowd goes wild]. 

April has been the “cruel, cruel” month we expected it to be, but I set a goal to release the musings by the time of my presentation at our faculty research symposium, and as I said earlier, I will not let the cruelty win. So, by the hardest and certainly by the grace of God, the book was uploaded to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) last Sunday—two days before my presentation. I had to settle for a “pre-orders” by presentation day, but. it. was. done. by deadline!

The ebook released today and is available for purchase. The physical book should be in print by Mother’s Day, but if you’re interested in the ebook:

The book contains 170 poems in seven sections: “Muse,” “Ego-tripping,” “Friends, Forever Friends,” “Philosophies,” “Love Is or Love Ain’t,” “On a Sleepless Night,” and “Sweet Nothings.” 

I would not have done this without my son, my student assistant, and the university’s Scholarly Grant Program. The monetary support of the grant (given to accomplish creative or scholarly goals) is small, but it’s the accountability that makes the program worth it.

One important note—read the intro. It matters and makes the poems make sense. 😀

Oh, there are a whole lot more of my youthful writings to share, so of course, I’ll continue to post here on the blog and on Instagram. 

Have a happy weekend!

15 thoughts on “Available Now! Musings from My Younger Self

    • Chandra Lynn says:

      Thank you, Rev Russ! I’m still working through the “icks” about it, but I keep reminding myself, I did this for my son. Now, on to finishing up the more adult writings… 😀


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