Sunflowers and Truth | #truthbombs

Are you familiar with Danielle LaPorte’s #truthbombs? On 4×4 white cards–in beautiful black script–LaPorte offers pithy bits of wisdom, encouragement, and in-your-face truth. Every now and then, I pull a random card out the elegant encasement, and think, “Whew! Now, that’s a word!” The cards offer perfect journaling prompts and discussion starters. [Click the link … Continue reading Sunflowers and Truth | #truthbombs

Give It Like You Get It

Yesterday, I opened theĀ Bible app and discovered that theĀ “Verse of the Day” focused on kindness. Spirit and Light underscored the many messages about kindness expressed in the postcards I received for the latest round of the Global HeART Exchange. I tell you, love your enemies. Help and give without expecting a return. Youā€™ll neverā€”I promiseā€”regret … Continue reading Give It Like You Get It

Be Kind.

The last few days have been more unkind than usual as we’ve navigated one disappointment and heartbreak after another each time weĀ listened toĀ national and international news, read an article, or skimmed social media posts. Louise Gale’s choice of theme for the latest Global HeART Exchange–kindness–was almostĀ prophetic, as if she knew that the chaos and madness … Continue reading Be Kind.