#ThursdayTreeLove | O Sweet Spontaneous

In these parts everything is blooming–the pear blossoms, cherry blossoms, almond blossoms, dogwoods, redbuds, and more. All the blooming trees are blossoming all at once–in a glorious, spontaneous display of spring. O Sweet Spontaneous e.e. cummings O sweet spontaneous earth how often have the doting              fingers of prurient philosophers pinched and poked thee ,has … Continue reading #ThursdayTreeLove | O Sweet Spontaneous

#ThursdayTreeLove | Appreciating the Colors of Late Summer

I couldn’t resist photographing the tree above as I walked to the science complex to meet with STEM leadership last Thursday. I also couldn’t resist transforming it to photo-art. 😀 I love how, as we are heading into the autumn season, the crepe myrtles are still holding on to color–not everywhere, of course, but certainly … Continue reading #ThursdayTreeLove | Appreciating the Colors of Late Summer

Postcards That Make a Statement | #ThursdayTreeLove

Who Sent It? Me…to you!!! I didn’t want to miss #ThursdayTreeLove, so I took a few minutes to make a postcard reminding you to “make room” in your day for a little tree love.  I am joining Parul Thakur for #ThursdayTreeLove every second and fourth Thursday of the month. If you would like to play along, post a picture of … Continue reading Postcards That Make a Statement | #ThursdayTreeLove