Katherine Larocca

My students are so thoughtful.  They know I love art and postcards (among other things), so they often bring gifts and information back from their many ventures.  Katherine Larocca has a solo exhibit at Lowe Mill Arts in Huntsville, Alabama, and one of my students picked up a postcard for me.  I’d never heard of Larocca, so I’m thrilled to learn about a “new” artist.  She is a “classically trained artist” and “fine arts printmaker.”  Here’s the awesome postcard my student shared with me:

“Scott” by Katherine Larocca

If you just happen to be in the Huntsville area, check out her show at Lowe Mill.  If not, and you want to know more about her work, visit her website–Larocca Graphics.  She also has a show with Green Pea Press group at the University of Alabama.