The Return of the Butterfly…

[I might be hearing a little too much about Star Wars lately…]

Finals are done. The semester is over. I just have a few hundred essays to grade (slight exaggeration), a few Christmas parties and a couple of concerts to attend, and then I can say “Good riddance to Fall 2013!”  I am awake at 2:30 a.m., so what better way to deal with my anxiety-induced insomnia than writing an overdue blog post.

Way back in late September,  just before work and other non-family-related obligations took over my life, I joined a “Sheet Music with a Butterfly” ATC swap.   My lovely partner sent a sweet collage ATC made with various paper elements.

Music and Butterflies by Sherri for the Sheet Music with a Butterfly ATC Swap

“Music and Butterflies” by Sherri for the Sheet Music with a Butterfly ATC Swap

I really like the color scheme and how the butterfly sticker complements the butterflies in the postage.

Here’s what I sent my partner (I just realized Sherri and I used similar color scheme):

Sheet Music ATC with a Butterfly by Me!

“Musical Butterfly” by Me!

It was very “sparkly.”  How did  I make it?  Really simple materials:  a leftover strip of glitter card stock, sheet music .jpg file, part of of photo I shot of Hani Shihada’s amazing sidewalk art and a coating of sparkle mod podge.  I used this butterfly many times before–in ATCs, on envelopes and cards. In fact, you can see another ATC and envelope art featuring this same butterfly in an earlier post.

Just a few more days till I have time to craft and create again! Woohoo!

An Envelope Full of Goodness

My cool photog friend Patty aka Cakers sent me an envelope full of photographs and postcards.  She designed and printed some herself and had others printed by moo.  I was expecting a photo or two from her, but I was delighted to find a package of photos waiting for me at the post office.  I appreciate Cakers for thinking about who I am and what would bring a smile to my face when she put this package together–the cheerful colors, the thoughtful murals, the general warmth of the collection.   I must admit that I am a little jealous that she has skillfully executed a long exposure shot–something I have been dying to try, but haven’t had the time to really work it.  One day, though.  I did capture some photo goodness myself this week.  A post for another time.  This one’s all about Cakers, so let’s take a “look-see” at her work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want more, more, more of Cakers, check out her blog at Cakers & Co.  Also, I’ve been HOARDING Cakers’ photos for well over a year now, so I have a LOT.  I’ve decided it’s time to share her work with the world, so I’m willing to share three of her photo postcards.  If you’re a follower and you’re interested in receiving a Cakers postcard from moi, leave a comment and your email address (or, if you’re comfortable, your snail mail address), and I’ll get a PC out to you as soon as possible–that is, if you’re among the first three commenters.

Have a mail happy day!