Can We Speak in Flowers? | #WordlessWednesday

can we speak in flowers. it will be much easier for me to understand. –other language ——————————————————– flower work is not easy. remaining soft in the fire takes time. nayyirah waheed, poems from salt. About the image: The pansies above were captured last spring during one of my photo walks. I gave the “flowers” (poems … Continue reading Can We Speak in Flowers? | #WordlessWednesday

Purple Tulips and God’s Hug | #WordlessWednesday

Spring came again today. The thawing Earth is like a child who knows her poems by heart. –Rainer Maria Rilke, from Sonnets to Orpheus— [Translated by David Hills] We’ve finally had some consistently beautiful weather–sunny skies and breezy, warmer days–so yesterday I took a break from the mental work and took a photo-walk with my … Continue reading Purple Tulips and God’s Hug | #WordlessWednesday