She Dances: Working on My Sway

“Flamenca Blanca”

To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power; it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.  –Agnes De Mille

My friend Cy sent this amazing postcard a few weeks ago. She found this beauty in Madrid during her travels there. I fell in love with it. The lone woman dancing reminded me of my favorite part of Louis Delsarte’s mural “Spirit of Harlem.”

“Spirit of Harlem” [I was fortunate enough to be in residency at NYU the same time as the artist. Weeks after its unveiling, the whole group of “Scholars-in-Residence” took a trip to Harlem to see the mural].

I’m intrigued by these women who sway their hips without apology and dance solo in spaces obviously peopled by many. It seems the musicians—equally surrendered to their muses—play only for each woman.

I don’t have their gift. As part of the “rhythmless nation,” I’m not sure I will ever dance in public.


I have been reaching for a metaphorical moment like this—of pure freedom—of yielding completely to the rhythms of life without fretting over consequences–“what ifs” or “therefores.”

I’m tuning in and working on my sway.

A Giant Potato, Roses and Pie

What do a giant potato, roses and pie have in common?  I found all three in my mailbox today–and today is my birthday.  What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a good ol’ Idaho potato, pie and beautiful roses?  All of these were sent to me for swap-bot swaps.  Take a look.

Can you imagine this potato landing on your doorstep? “We grow potatoes in Idaho,” this swapper humorously adds as she closes her postcard note.

Edgar Rice Burroughs Stamp with Salt Lake City Postal Mark

The Idaho Potato was sent for a “Book Worm” swap.  Swappers had to write a little something about a great read.  My partner recommends Tarzan, so it’s neat that she used the Burroughs stamp.  Literary stamps are among my favorites. She also recommends The Book of Mormon for its perspective on “Ancient American History.”  I might have to check it out!

Pie Rows, 1961 by Wayne Theibaud, American artist (b. 1920). This was sent for the “O Happy Day” Postcard Swap. For this swap we had to send a postcard that captured something that makes us happy. Pie makes the sender pretty happy! Check out her fantastic calligraphy below!

Here’s the back of the card with the “pie sender’s” beautiful calligraphy:


And lastly, beautiful roses from fellow swap-bot Sharp Shooter, Fundygirl.  You’ve seen her floral work before in “Good Mail In…”  These delightful roses were sent for a Dorothy Parker themed photo swap, “One Perfect Rose.”  Swappers had to send partners a photo of one object mentioned in the poem.  Fundygirl notes, there are three roses, but they’re all perfect! 🙂

“One Perfect Rose?” Photo by Deema (Fundygirl)

Happy Reading!