#ThursdayTreeLove | Mosaic of Seasons

Winter is an etching,
Spring a watercolor,
Summer an oil painting, and
Autumn a mosaic of them all.

–Stanley Horowitz–

About the image: The photo was shot in Nashville, Tennessee at the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere on a perfect autumn day. One day, I’ll have to share the animals I captured. ūüôā

I am joining Parul Thakur for #ThursdayTreeLove every second and fourth Thursday of the month. If you would like to play along, post a picture of a tree on your blog and link it back to her latest #treelove post.

I’m also linking up with with Dawn of The Day After¬†in the¬†Festival of Leaves¬†photo challenge.

Microblog Mondays: Permission to Rest

Happy New Year!

Two¬†of my nieces shared¬†a meme from “Quiet Quotes” today–one on Instagram, the other on Facebook. The meme reads, “Raise your hand shamelessly if you have successfully wasted the first day of 2017.” ¬†I raised both hands because I did absolutely nothing on the first day of 2017.

Red-tailed Leopard at the Nashville Zoo

Clouded Leopard at the Nashville Zoo

I was fine with my utter slothfulness until night fell and sleep beckoned. ¬†Then…I started thinking about all the things I could have done.

However,¬†today has been super productive, and as I’m blazing through my to do list, I feel differently. ¬†The “wasted first day of 2017” led to a “successful” second day of 2017. ¬†I accomplished more today than I would have accomplished yesterday and today had I not allowed myself to simply rest. ¬†I work (hard)¬†constantly, often even when I’m on vacation. ¬†I earned the “day off,”¬†and the reality is¬†that all the things that must be done will be done when they need to be done. ¬†I have just about a week¬†left of my winter vacation, and I give myself permission to rest¬†even more if I want to.

What about you? ¬†Do you allow yourself time out–to do nothing–to “be” in your own skin without guilt?

[Note: This year I will be¬†participating in Microblog Mondays. ¬†The idea is to post a short blog every Monday–from one word to eight sentences. This one is a little longer than I intended, but “short” is relative. Right?]

Autumn’s Appeal: Photo Postcards

I’m not sure where autumn is hanging out, but it certainly hasn’t made its way to Northern Alabama.¬† I’m finally seeing a little color in the leaves, but I’m still seeing way too¬†much green for November.

Back in September, I’d had high hopes for the usually brilliant autumn, so I set up a postcard swap to celebrate the season. ¬†By the time the swap deadline loomed, autumn was still pretty scarce in this part of the USA, so to uphold my end of the swap, I had to send my partner an older photo.

I shot this photo late last autumn.¬† I don’t even remember the circumstances, but as I was scrolling through photos, I was drawn to the burgundy leaves. ¬†I also like how this photo looks “right” no matter which way I turn it. ¬†ūüôā

Autumn's Sympathy

Autumn’s Appeal

Fortunately,¬†I can always count on my swap-bot¬†friends to deliver. ¬†My penfriend¬†Beckra, shared her “experiment” with photographing through a rainy window with gratitude¬†for autumn colors on rainy grey days.

Rainy Autumn Day by Beckra

“Rainy-Day Autumn” by Beckra

This photo is so gorgeously abstract! ¬†This shot¬†actually inspired an edit of one of my own photos for another autumn swap (I’ll share¬†that in a few days).

As I was decluttering my desk two days ago, I found a photo Beckra captured last autumn.

“Luminous Autumn”

Doesn’t this one look like a painting? ¬†I appreciate how Beckra captured the multicolored awesomeness¬†of autumn¬†in both photos.

I was finally able to get a bit of this year’s autumn about a week¬†ago when we visited the Nashville Zoo to celebrate the birthday of one of my little one’s friends. ¬†I found these beautiful leaves as we were exiting the zoo.

Tri-Color Autumn

Finally Autumn!

The zoo was decked out with pumpkins, mums, and other fall decor, but none could compete with the artistry of Nature being herself.

Until next time…