A Written Word: I’m Here.


Tiare Smith Designs, from the Tia Playful Collection

“I’m thinking of you, praying for you, and I am here as your friend.”


We close “A Written Word” week with a postcard and note from my longtime friend Cy. She checks on me and sends a virtual hug regularly.

It was nice to find the super cute postcard in the mail with the simple message (above). The note warmed my heart and the Tiare Smith¬†image of girls playing “jacks” brought back memories of childhood and playing “jacks” with my sisters. [Side note: I’m a “jacks” champion. In middle school, I won the competition during field day]. ūüôā

“I’m here” is the most comforting phrase I’ve heard over the last few weeks. Even though I may never take some up on the offer to be a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on, it’s consoling to know that I have people to turn to should I need them.

When you don’t know what to say or how to approach someone who is grieving, know that the words above, spoken or written sincerely, are sufficient.

I trust you were inspired this week by the messages of encouragement and hope from my friends. It was certainly beneficial for me to take some time each evening and meditate on the precious words and just allow myself to be with my feelings. Thank you for taking a part in the journey with me.

Pretty Purple Postcard!

Squeals! Look at what was in my mailbox:

"Creativity, Light, and Love," by Tiare Smith Designs

“Creativity, Light, and Love,” by Tiare Smith Designs

Neither my hubby nor I checked our mailbox Thursday, so this bit of awesomeness was retrieved Friday morning as I was heading out to work.¬†Why the squeals? ¬†My friend Cy¬†and I “discovered” Tiare Smith Designs moments apart. ¬†I actually shared her Etsy link with Cy when I saw some AKA sorority-inspired art. ¬†As usual, I was¬†multitasking while shopping,¬†so the “Tia Collection,” one of the sets of postcards I placed in my cart, sold out before I could place¬†the order. ¬†I lamented missing out on Tia,¬†but who didn’t miss out? And who sent me this postcard? ¬†Cy!

Pause for the¬†“happy mail” dance.

According to her creator, “Tia is here to bring light and love into the world. ¬†She has many stories to share.” ¬†Besides her “purpleness,” I love the innocence, sweetness, and light Tia projects. ¬†She makes me want to skip through a field of flowers with nary a care in the world.

I initially went to Tiare’s shop to purchase a birthday gift for myself–a print¬†the artist posted in “Black Women Who Plan and Create,” a community of black women planners, crafters, and artists on Facebook and Instagram.

"Fearless Girl" by Tiare Smith Designs

“Fearless Girl” by Tiare Smith Designs

This print captured everything I was feeling in the few days after my birthday. Focused. Determined. Fearless.

There was¬†so much eye candy in the¬†shop that I couldn’t resist purchasing¬†other prints. Besides, I had gift cards to spend. ūüôā I purchased a total of 16 postcards, and Tiare included four extras, including three abstract still life prints and a multi-paneled print with tips for including it in¬†planner layouts. ¬†Here’s a peek at¬†the order:

A collection of prints by Tiare Smith Designs

A collection of prints by Tiare Smith Designs

Tiare is a mixed media artist and instructor who obviously has fun with her work, but she also takes her work and her customers seriously. ¬†She has great customer service–ships quickly, responds to questions, and¬†customizes orders. ¬†If you want to see more of Tiare’s art, check her out at Tiare Smith Designs¬†or at her Etsy Shop.¬†She’s also on Instagram¬†and Twitter¬†as @iamclassygirl and on Facebook: Tiare Smith Designs.

It’s always a treat to find a¬†random postcard from Cy in my mailbox, partly because the writing side¬†is always handled with simplicity and elegance. ¬†Her message included a quote sticker: ¬†“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”¬†A “truth” to¬†live by! ūüėČ

Thank you, Cy, for always having my “postcard” back.