Kindness Week Day 1: Kindness at Home

About a year ago, we “celebrated” kindness on Pics and Posts by featuring seven consecutive days of posts on kindness. The world can always benefit from a bit of kindness, so it’s Kindness Week again. Instead of sharing kindness-themed postcards and messages written by senders, I’m asking that we do more than read pretty words and inspiration. This week let’s focus on kindness at work.

I’ll drop in every day with a brief post and a general “kindness prompt.” I won’t be too specific because we all have our gifts, our ways, and our sense of what someone (or something) needs.

Since genuine kindness is altruistic, there’s no need to report or share your acts of kindness with others. This is not about show and tell or about social media and selfies. It’s about developing and exercising a truly kind spirit with no intention to gain–not even attention.

We’ll get the ball rolling by taking the advice of Mother Teresa and starting at home.

Today’s Kindness Prompt: Show kindness to your family members. You know them best, so you know the kindness they need. Keep in mind that kindness isn’t always tangible. A kind word spoken at the right moment can be all a person needs.

In addition to the prompt, I’ll share postcards, art, and photos because every blog post needs a bit of eye candy. ūüėČ

Note on the image: A little more than two years ago my hubby and son planted zinnias outside my home office window. It’s the gift that keeps giving. For three summers the zinnias have bloomed beautifully and have beckoned the butterflies. This year’s first flower opened today. The image above was shot the first year the flowers bloomed; it is edited, of course.

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They Gave Me Butterflies!

As part of my Mother’s Day gift this year, my hubby and son planted zinnia seeds outside my home office window, so I can enjoy the flowers even when I’m indoors. ¬†I’ve watched the buds¬†open and multiply brilliantly over the last few weeks. ¬†A couple of¬†days ago, I noticed¬†butterflies hovering¬†around¬†the blossoms. Today, I stepped outdoors to snap a few shots of the zinnias, and the butterflies were everywhere, gracefully fluttering¬†from flower to flower while I attempted to¬†capture them in their best poses. They lightened my mood and made my heart smile.

This picture (post-processed) captures my mood after today's encounter with the butterflies.

This post-processed image¬†captures my mood after today’s encounter with the butterflies.

My guys gave me flowers. They also gave me butterflies.



My Pretty Bloomers

I know what you’re thinking, but we’re talking about flowers, people! “My Pretty Bloomers” was the name of a swap I participated in for the “Color and Light Photo Swappers” group on swap-bot. Swappers were to share a photo postcard of flowers¬†from their gardens or, in my case, a photo from someone else’s garden.

Here’s the pretty¬†bold¬†bloomer “Ladydy5,” my partner, sent. ¬†She writes, “This¬†flowers every year” and what makes it a “joy to see” is that it was a gift for a special occasion.

Ladydy5's Pretty Bloomer

“Ladydy5’s Bold Bloomer”

I also received a bloomer via email from my photog-penfriend Dee, who happened to be my send-to partner.

Dee's Pretty Bloomer

“Dee’s Sunny¬†Bloomer”

Simply because the sunflower is my favorite flower, I¬†played around with Dee’s photo a bit. ¬†Here are two of my favorite edits.

And¬†from¬†my photog friend Patty (aka Cakers)–

Patty's Pansy

“Patty’s Pansy”

Don’t you just love the deep, rich colors of this pansy?

Like me, Patty doesn’t have a garden, but she has the most beautiful purple clematis plant. ¬†It’s 22-years-old! ¬†The longest I’ve ever kept a plant alive is three¬†years. ¬†I’m tempted to share her clematis photos¬†here, but I’ll save that for her. ¬†She needs to update her blog anyway. Hint! Hint! ūüėČ

The flowers¬†I photographed are¬†from my friend Colleen’s¬†garden. ¬†She has a very pretty garden, full of variety and color. ¬†She has some staples, such as red, pink, and white roses, but she also mixes things¬†up a bit from one year to the next–based on what I’ve seen the last two years. ¬†She even has an awesome vegetable garden in the¬†back of her yard. I nabbed a few pics of grapes yesterday!

I used a few of the photos of Colleen’s garden to create a¬†collage for my partner.

Colleen's Bloomers 2014

Colleen’s Bloomers

This¬†garden deserves a closer look. Don’t you think? ¬†Here’s a sampling of some of the beauties from last year’s¬†garden. (Click an image to view larger)

Purple is my favorite color, so when I see purple in a garden (okay, anywhere), I’m going to snap a photo of it. ¬† Colleen had purple in abundance in last year’s garden and I’m fighting not to include all of them here. ¬†I just learned from her¬†that the tiny pink flowers are some type of rose, something I would have never guessed.

And this year’s garden:

2014 was dominated by pink in varying shades and lots of different roses. ¬†That yellow flower is a knockout rose–another flower I’d never guess is a type¬†of rose.

My mom has the greenest thumb I’ve¬†ever seen. You’d think she’d pass some of her skill and¬†knowledge on to me. ¬†Really, she tried. ¬†Other things vied for my attention. ¬†But I’m really¬†connected with my mom and I can’t look at flowers without thinking of her, so I’ll share with you a photo¬†of¬†one of hers.

My Mother's Zinnia, 2011

My Mother’s Zinnia, 2011

And lastly, because “life” made me a blog slacker in the spring,¬†I’m sharing with you the “yellow flowers” I received for International Women’s Day 2014. ¬†If you’re interested, you can see the ones I sent out here.

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That’s it for now! Enjoy!